CORAL - Creating Opportunities for Adult Learners through entrepreneurial competences


CORAL is a pan-European educational experience. It is based on the "A new agenda for skills in Europe" (COM 2016 - 381 final) and aims at strengthening skills and learning new skills in the active European population, to enable them to work on their own and to support adults to acquire a minimum of key skills and/or to acquire a broader set of competences necessary to progress.

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CORAL's objective is to promote the creation of a shared platform to develop critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills among long-term unemployed and the low-skilled adults.
The Project will have a duration of 25 months (01/09/2019 - 30/09/2021) and is coordinated by ALFMED Association (France), with 8 European partners involved:

Unitelma Sapienza participates in CORAL Project through SFIDE – School of Financial Cooperation and Development.




In order to up-skill unemployed adults, CORAL will produce a set of 3 tools to assess, transfer and recognize entrepreneurial skills. This result will be achieved through the production of three Intellectual Outputs, firstly dedicated to long-term unemployed adults, secondly to professional counsellors and adult educators, as well as all other professional profiles involved in supporting activities for adult job seekers.       

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Project number: 2019-1-FR01-KA204-063080

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