Quality assurance and transparency

The University of Rome "Unitelma Sapienza" aims to contribute to creating an open organization, useful to users and to the civil society.

Quality Assurance

For "quality of education" we intend the level of achievement of the learning objectives established in line with the needs and expectations of all those who have an interest in the learning service we offer.

As a consequence, we consider as "quality assurance" all the activities undertaken to produce adequate confidence that the objectives of quality will be satisfied.

Specifically, quality assurance in education and research is a way by which the academic and government bodies realize their quality policy, including actions of planning, implementation, monitoring, and control, conducted under the supervision of a responsible body. Unitelma Sapienza conforms its legal structures and rules related to quality assurance to those introduced for the Italian university system by the Law 240/2010 and subsequent decrees and in particular by the AVA system, Self Assessment - Evaluation - Accreditation.


The mission of Unitelma Sapienza is to ensure quality and cost-effective services in the field of the supply of academic courses (bachelors, master, and post-graduate courses), lifelong learning services (teaching aimed ex the Italian law 341/90) and higher education permanent and recurrent courses, via a distance learning platform.

Unitelma Sapienza enhances the use of technologies in the development of educational activities and promotes the digital culture at the service of lifelong learning in line with E.U. programs.

The project is distinguished by:

  • teaching and research activities required to manage complex organizations and business systems in the current information society;
  • access to higher education without the limits in space, time and number of enrolled students, to employees and professionals;
  • the provision of high qualification and specialization training services, for new professional profiles with integrated skills for e-government, bureaucracy, digital economy and finance, information and communication.

The education services offered by Unitelma Sapienza are intended for all those who need flexible tools for learning. In doing so, Unitelma Sapienza also plays a great social role, at the service of workers and all those who, for duties or for the distance from the location of "traditional" universities, are not able to attend lessons in presence.

In targeting its corporate mission, Unitelma Sapienza is guided by the following values:

  • the respect and the centrality of the "person" within the Organization and with the outside;
  • transparency and fairness;
  • solidarity and team spirit;
  • awareness of the collective interest.

Unitelma Sapienza has adopted a business management system which is compliant to the model described in the international standard ISO 9001:2008.
To this aim, it states the guidelines it observes in the macro- production process that involves the entire organization:

  • put the student-customer at the center of the objectives of the Organization;
  • deliver services that fully meet the requirements and expectations of stakeholders;
  • aim at continuous improvement of student-customer satisfaction;
  • engage and motivate both the administrative and faculty staff, at all levels.

Therefore, in pursuing these objectives, the following actions will be activated:

  • organization, also in a customer-student-oriented view, of the production processes;
  • continuous measurement of the degree of customer satisfaction;
  • encouragement for the resumption of studies of those who have abandoned them;
  • verification and possible redefinition of quality indicators for processes and services monitoring;
  • definition, planning, implementation and verification of the improvement actions needed to achieve more ambitious goals.