Organization and management

The Chancellor who is usually a professor and an eminent figure is elected for a six year period, serves as the titular head of the University, represents the University, in academic activities and presides the Academic Senate presiding also over all major ceremonies. The present Chancellor is Prof. Antonello Folco Biagini.

The Senate is the senior academic body of the University decides on academic policy, planning, coordination and evaluation of teaching and research activities and is composed of both faculty members as well as staff members. Legally and constitutionally it is responsible for the academic activity of the University - ie, teaching and research.

The University “Department of Law and economics” is a broad-based department that caters for all academic and research activities. producing first-class research across the range of the discipline. The Department is committed to excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level.

The Board of Trustees is the corporate body established by Statute with complete responsibility for the government and welfare of the University and all the interests pertaining thereto including students, faculty, staff and alumni. It is represented by eminent figures from Italian academic institutions and Civil Society, Responsibilities are:

  • The determination of the major goals of the University and the approval of the policies and procedures for implementation of such goals.
  • The review and approval of the operating and capital budget of the University.
  • Such other responsibilities as law, governmental directives.

The University ensures that all of it’s activities are subject to quality assurance, evaluation and enhancement through periodical assessments by its main governing bodies.

Office and Staff Directory

General Director (he is directly responsible for the coordination, the management and administration and all administrative staff which is subdivided into macro-areas and organizational areas described below)
Donato Squara -

Finance and legal affairs
Monica Salvi -

Administration and Human Resources
Alessandra Puccio -

Interistitutional agreements and International relations
Maria Grazia Semilia -

Registrar’s Office
Anna Benigno -

Promotion of academic activities
Raffaella Napoli -

Pasquale Menna -

Marketing and Social networks
Fabio Ingrosso -