New E-Learning Course of Neonatology in Open Access

12 Oct 2017

New E-Learning Course of Neonatology for Coutries with Low Resources 

The University of Rome Unitelma Sapienza in coopearation with Sapienza University of Rome have developed a new Open Access e-learning course of Neonatology for Coutries with low resources.

The course includes 16 video lessons on clinical problems that birth and early stages of life may face are the content of this new, open access e-learning course. The lessons are in English and the slides can be downloaded.

Experts in the field present the main neonatal diseases in a simple way thanks to images and videos, in accordance to WHO and UNICEF guidelines. The course is meant for doctors and nurses operating in places where mortality and morbidity is still high, providing easy ways and practices to improve medical care in countries with limited resources that require training of health professionals.

Topics of the course include:

  • Assistance of the newborn infant at birth
  • Thermal control with the kangaroo technique
  • Prevention and treatment of infections
  • Care for premature infants
  • Clinical approach to the main pathologies of the neonatal period, such as respiratory distress syndrome, jaundice, eating and nervous system disorders
  • Heart murmur
  • Fluid and pharmaco-therapy principles

Director of the course: Mario De Curtis Professor of Pediatrics, University of Rome La Sapienza

Speakers: Gian Paolo Chiaffoni, Gaia Francescato, Marta Frigerio, Simona Perniciaro, Barbara Perrone, Andrea Pietravalle, Michele Usuelli, Chryssoula Tzialla

More information about the course in the following Flyer.

To access the course click the following button and then choose the Open Access button that you find in the right in the following page.