• Registration and account activation

    To register to our website click the link "Register" and follow the registration procedures by filling out the various forms with your personal information and contacts. You need to specify your email address.

    At the end of the registration procedure you will receive a confirmation email containing a link for verifying your email address, confirm your registration, and activateyou account. Visit this link (possibly copying and pasting it into your browser) check your email and activate your account registration.

    From the moment you have activated your registration account to the site you will be able to log in with the username assigned by the system at the end of the registration and the password you chose. From this point on you will be able to purchase from the catalog  the courses you want  and then access and take courses purchased in our e-learning platform.

  • Purchase of courses

    To purchase courses of your interest you need to log in our website using the username and password associated to your registration account, then select courses of your interest and complete the purchase procedure.

    Choose courses of you interest and add them to the shopping cart. Then start the purchase procedure by using the button "Checkout". If you have not already authenticated to the site you will be required to log in. Then follow the different steps of the purchase procedure. You will be asked to enter information for the payment receipt (i.e., the data of the person, organization or company to be used as letterhead in the payment receipt), enter any coupon for the application of discounts, and complete the purchase using one of Methods of payment provided for.

    At the end of the purchase procedure and once you have successfully paid you will receive a confirmation email and you will have access to the courses purchased in our e-learning platform through the page "My courses" of this website.

  • Payment

    Payment of purchases on this site can be done by credit card, using the secure online payment system PagOnline of the Unicredit bank, or by bank transfer.

  • Payment receipt

    A payment receipt is provided for each purchase using as letterhead the data of the person, organization or company provided during the checkout process. The first step of the checkout process specifically provides for the entering of this data. At the end of the purchase and once successfully paid you may download the payment receipt in PDF format from the "My data" section of the site.

  • Courses access

    After completing the purchase of one or more of the courses from Unitelma Sapienza International catalogue, you will be allowed to access: first  login through the website section “My courses”. The credentials  to access the courses in e-learning platform are the same as the ones used to access this site.

  • I can't complete the payment procedure using my credit card. What can I do?

    Payment transactions using credit cards are processes directly by the PagOnline system of UniCredit bank. None of the data associated with your credit card is kept or known  by Unitelma Sapienza.
    If payment by credit card through the system PagOnline is not successful:

    1. Make sure to enter all data of your credit card correctly (name and surname of the holder, card type, card number, card expiry date, card verification code CVC)

    2. If requested, make sure you enter the correct password associated with 3D Secure fraud protection system Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.

    If all fails to successfully complete the payment transaction, please contact your financial institution and/or the circuit that is associated with his credit card to verify that your card is enabled for online payment transactions and reminiscent code correctly 3D Secure.

  • I can access courses but I can’t see the videolessons, what can I do?

    Make sure that your PC, Mac or mobile device used to access courses and  to view the video lessons meets the technical requirements described in the Technical Requirements pages of this site. If, despite having verified the compliance with these requirements  you still do not view the video lessons, submit a request for support by filling in the form Contact us of this website

  • How can I change my password?

    To change the password associated with your registration account to our website go through the appropriate page of "Change password" in the section "My data" accessible prior Login to the site.

  • I forgot my username and/or password. How can I retrieve them?

    You can recover your username and/or password for login our website using the services provided in the login page.

  • The course I was looking for is not in our catalog, what can I do?

    Contact us indicating the course you would be interested in by filling out the form Contact Us.