Roberta Calvano

Roberta Calvano

Name: Roberta
Surname: Calvano


Constitutional law

Research interests

Constitutional issues of European integration; political parties; judicial protection of fundamental rights; the Italian Constitutional Court

Research projects

Political parties and populism; University reform bills in Europe

Selected publications

  1. The Court of Justice and the European Constitution, Padova 2004;

  2. The European arrest warrant and the constitutional principle of the rule of law, Naples 2007;

  3. Law and public University. Constitutional principles and the reorganization of the Italian University system, Nales 2012;

  4. Judicial cooperation in criminal matters, in The Euorpean legal order, The EU policies, vol. III, ed. By S. Mangiameli, Milan 2008

  5. After Lisbon, the dialogue among the Courts, waiting for politics, Essays in honour of Franco Modugno, Naples 2011

  6. On limits to political power, Essays in honour of Alessandro Pace, 2012 Naples

  7. Governmental executive orders at the time of “ Crisis governments”, in, 2014;

  8. Social rights between European stability mechanism and the rule of law in Europe, in www., 2014;

  9. The University system organization, in Constitutional paths of instruction, Naples 2014;

  10. The abuse of term contracts in state school system, between constitutional principles and Eu law (commentary to Mascolo ruling of the ECJ), in Giurisprudenza costituzionale 2014, in press;

  11. The courage of the Italian constitutional court in decision n. 238/2014, in DPCE online, in press;

  12. Public funding of political parties, is it a case of necessity and emergency? In Govermental decrees and the crisis, Bologna, in press.