Piergiuseppe Morone

Piergiuseppe Morone

Name: Piergiuseppe
Surname: Morone
Mail: piergiuseppe.morne@unitelmasapienza.it


Political Economy

Economics of Innovation

Research interests

My research interests lay at the boundary of economics, computer sciences, and social networks. My earlier research was on innovation diffusion and knowledge diffusion models, investigating the relation between social network architectures and speed of diffusion. Recently, I have been working at the interface between innovation economics and chemistry – i.e. on innovative waste valorisation activities for sustainability transitions and the bio-based economy. My publications appeared on several international journals such as Ecological Economics, Research Policy, Journal of Cleaner Production, Theory and Decision, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, and others.

Research projects

Currently, I’m vice-chair and Management Committee member of the Cost Action TD1203. I’m also involved in the following two European funded projects:

  • FP7 - SSH – Title: European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime (EFFACE), member of the Uniroma1 research team, Project reference: 320276.

  • FP7 - REGPOT-2011-1 – Workpackage Leader (WP2) “Exchange of know-how and recruitment of experienced researchers”, project on: Scientific & technological advancement in research on agro-energy: an integrated approach to renewable energy generation according to sustainability criteria (STAR-AgroEnergy).

Selected publications

List of most recent publications:

  1. ‘Assessing the Potential of Biowaste for Bioplastics Production through Social Network Analysis’ (with V.E. Tartiu e P. Falcone), Journal Cleaner Production, [ISI-IF: 3.590], forthcoming

  2. ‘Environmental Justice and Air Pollution: A Case Study on Italian Provinces’ (with A.R. Germani and G. Testa), Ecological Economics, [ISI-IF: 2.855], forthcoming

  3. ‘Estimating individual and group preference functionals using experimental data’ (with A. Morone), Theory and Decision [ISI-IF: 0.762], forthcoming

  4. ‘Innovation, quality and exports: the case of Italian SMEs’ (with C. Imbriani e G. Testa), The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, [ISI-IF: 0.228], forthcoming

  5. ‘Securing support for eye-health policy in low and middle income countries: Identifying stakeholders through a multilevel analysis’ (with E. Camacio Cuena, I. Kokur and N. Banatvala), Journal of Public Health Policy [ISI-IF: 1.478], 35(2): 185–203, 2014

  6. ‘Individual and Group Behavior in the Traveler's Dilemma: An Experimental Study’, (with A. Morone and A.R. Germani), Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 49(3): 1-7, 2014

  7. ‘Emerging innovation niches: An agent based model’ (with R. Taylor and A. Lopolito) Research Policy [ISI-IF: 2.850], 42(6-7): 1225-1238, 2013

  8. ‘Innovation activities and Italian SMEs' exports decisions a multi-treatment analysis’ (with F. Renna and G. Testa), International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business, 5(4): 256-272, 2013

  9. ‘Proximity, knowledge integration and innovation: an agenda for agent-based studies’ (with R. Taylor), Journal of Evolutionary Economics [ISI-IF: 0.723], 22(1): 19-47, 2012

  10. ‘Eliciting environmental preferences of Ghanaians in the laboratory: An incentive-compatible experiment’ (with A. Morone and Y. Meroz), International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development, 10(2): 119-136, 2011

  11. ‘An agent-based model approach to innovation niche creation in socio- technical transition pathways’ (with R. Taylor and A. Lopolito), Economics Bulletin, 31(2): 1780-1792, 2011

  12. ‘Innovation niches and socio-technical transition: a case study of bio-refinery production’ (with A. Lopolito and R. Sisto), Futures [ISI-IF: 1.111], Vol. 43, no.1, pp. 24-38, 2011