Franco Sciarretta

Franco Sciarretta

Name: Franco
Surname:  Sciarretta


Administrative law   

Research interests

New organizational forms of public administration, administrative activities by private entities, public-private relationships, legal safeguards.

Research projects

  • “State and individual. Public decision-making, transparency and interests”, Unitelma Sapienza Univeristy 2015.

  • Genesis, rules, legal subjectivity and other legal issues of the on line universities in Italy.

Selected publications

  1. Genesis, qualification rules, legal subjectivity on-line universities, in Giustamm, 24 December 2014, 1-118;

  2. Reflections concerning associations and private foundations with tasks of public administration;

  3. New question on the subject of conference services, in Giur. comm., 2013, 5, 951-984;

  4. Article 21-octies, 2nd paragraph, first period, L. n. 241/1990: substantial and procedural aspects, in L’invalidità amministrativa (edited by V. Cerulli Irelli, L. De Lucia), Giappichelli Editore, 2009, ch. 3, 95-111.