Damiano Distante

Damiano Distante

Name: Damiano
Surname: Distante
Mail: damiano.distante@unitelma.it


  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Database Systems

Research interests

Research area: Software engineering in general and web engineering and data mining in particular.

Research topics: user-centered design and model-driven development of Web applications, Web systems evolution, data mining, information retrieval techniques and their applications, distance learning technologies and methodologies.

Research projects

2014-ongoing      A recommender system for the Moodle learning management system and the WikiLOR learning object repository

The goal of this project is to combine data mining and information retrieval techniques with learning analytics and visualization tools to develop a recommender system to support and enhance learning and teaching processes in online learning environments. In particular, the recommendation strategies will be implemented for the Moodle learning management system and the WikiLOR learning object repository and experimented with the learning communities of the different academic partners involved in the project.

Role: Project coordinator for Unitelma Sapienza University.

Project partners: Unitelma Sapienza University (Italy), LIFIA Laboratory, National University of La Plata, (Argentina), Tampere University of Technology (Finland), University of Sannio (Italy)

2013-2015          Developing Learning Analytics @ Unitelma and TUT"

The aim of the research project is to experiment data mining and social network analysis techniques applied on data logs collected by LMSs, in particular, Moodle and Drupal, which are the LMSs adopted respectively by Unitelma Sapienza and TUT. The objective is to abstract and present both learners and teachers (including in the latter category also learning tutors) with synthesized information useful to assist them in carrying out their own activities and better reaching their own goals.

Role: Project coordinator for Unitelma Sapienza University.

Project partners: Unitelma Sapienza University (Italy), Tampere University of Technology (Finland), LIFIA Laboratory, National University of La Plata, (Argentina)

2008- 2010         Denaro Media

The project aimed at defining and prototyping a Multichannel Collaborative Content Management System able to support the creation, storage, retrieval and publications of multimedia contents towards different communication media (Web, TV, Mobile TV, Radio, etc.) in a collaborative environment.

The project includes research activities concerning the semantic annotation of multimedia contents, the usage of information retrieval techniques for searching and reusing contents, and the publication of descriptive metadata on contents by means of emerging standards such as RSS and RDF-SPARQL.

Role: Technical and Scientific Co-supervisor of the project activities of the Department of Engineering of the University of Sannio (Italy).

2007- 2009         SOGEI SPA

The project aimed at realizing a solution for the development of enterprise Web portals by integrating open source software solutions including the OpenCMS Content Management Systems, the JetSpeed portal, the OpenLDAP directory and the JOSSO single-sign system.

Role: Project Coordinator of the project activities of the Research Center on Software Technologies of the University of Sannio (Italy).

2005- 2007         Service Centric Systems Engineering (SeCSE)

The primary goal of the Service Centric Systems Engineering European research project (SeCSE) was to create methods, tools and techniques for systems integrators and service providers to support the cost-effective development and use of dependable services and service-centric applications. The project brings together IT companies, developers and research labs and is driven by the emerging needs in the automotive and telecommunications industries.

Technically, SeCSE focused on four areas for the engineering of software systems: specification, discovery, design, and management of services for which new techniques and tools will be delivered. These tools and techniques will be integrated to provide a SeCSE development environment and, based on visionary scenarios from application partners, domain-specific adaptations.

Role: Member of the development team of the Research Center on Software Technologies of the University of Sannio (Italy).

Selected publications

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