Training Course in Neonatology



In this course doctors and nurses gain comprehensive knowledge of diseases of preterm and term infants including the underlying physiology and management. They also gain clinical competency in acute resuscitation and all procedures required in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Content and Programme

The course includes 70 video lessons given by experts in the field presenting the main neonatal diseases and the most frequent diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.
Particular attention is given to the clinical aspects which are explained in a simple way, thanks to the use of images and video.
The course shows the main techniques and the operation of numerous and complex devices normally used in neonatal intensive care units.

The program of the course is subdivided into the following 18 modules:

  • Module I. Perinatal Medicine
  • Module II. General aspects of Neonatology
  • Module III. Immuno-Haematology
  • Module IV. Care
  • Module V. Pneumology
  • Module VI. Nutrition and Gastroenterology
  • Module VII. Surgical problems
  • Module VIII. Infections
  • Module IX. Neurology
  • Module X. Tecniques and  procedures
  • Module XI. Genetics/ Metabolic deseases
  • Module XII. Ophtalmological deseases
  • Module XIII. Screening
  • Module XIV. Radiology
  • Module XV. Nephrology
  • Module XVI. Dermatology
  • Module XVII. Devices and instruments
  • Module XVIII. Cardiology

More details on the course programme can be found in the "Study plan" document.

Admission Requirements

To enroll this you must own a Bachelor or Master degree and must be a doctor or a nurse qualified to practice that profession.


Access to the platform will be allowed for a period of 12 months from the date of enrolment.

After completing the course the student will receive a certificate of participation. The course does not grant credits (ECTS).


The registration fee for the course is € 30,00.

Discounted fees can be applied under special conditions. Inquire us by filling in our Contact Us form for more information.

Total fee per year
30,00 €
  • Mario De Curtis (Director of the course)
  • Nicole Almenrader
  • Monica Bartolucci
  • Enrico Bertino
  • Barbara Caravale
  • Viviana Cardilli
  • Annamaria Casadei
  • Antonella Castronovo
  • Raffaella Cellitti
  • Giovanni Corsello
  • Pietro Costa
  • Denis Cozzi
  • Miriam D’Avanzo
  • Carlo Dionisi Vici
  • Lucia Dito
  • Andrea Dotta
  • Maya El Hachem
  • Giacomo Faldella
  • Fabrizio Ferrari
  • Romilda Ferraro
  • Francesca Gallini
  • Sarah Gangi
  • Paolo Ghirri
  • Paola Lago
  • Marcello Lanari
  • Giuseppina Liuzzi
  • Riccardo Lubrano
  • Renato Lucchini
  • Romualdo Malagola
  • Marianna Mastrandrea
  • Luca Maggio
  • Francesco Messina
  • Fabio Mosca
  • Antonella Mollicone
  • Luigi Orfeo
  • Fabio Natale
  • Paola Papoff
  • Mauro Paradisi
  • Chiara Protano
  • Daniela Regoli
  • Maurizio Saporito
  • Mauro Stronati
  • Luigi Tarani
  • Gianluca Terrin
  • Paola Tonetto
  • Rosaria Turchetta
  • Piero Valentini
  • Paolo Versacci
  • Gennaro Vetrano
  • Alberto Villani