Single courses for achieving the curricular requirements for access to the Master's Degree in Classical Archaeology

Master of Arts in Classical Archaeology

Students who do not entirely fulfil the curricular requirements for access to our Master's Degree Courses can supplement their curriculum with university exams (single courses) before enrolling in the Master's Degree Course in which they are interested.

These single courses will not be part of the Master's degree study plan and, therefore, they will not be considered for calculating the final grade of the Master's degree that will be awarded.

Evaluation of the admission requirements to the Master's Degree in Classical Archaeology

To find out if you must follow single courses and take the relative exams, you must request an evaluation of your career from the competent Evaluation Commission. The Commission will verify your entry requirements and indicate which single courses you have to take to make your curriculum suitable for enrolment in the Master's Degree Course.

To find out if you meet the curricular requirements for access to the Master's degree in Classical Archaeology, write to

Basic Classical Archeology single courses

Unitelma Sapienza offers the following single courses for completing your curriculum for admission to the  Master's degree in Classical Archaeology:

Basic Classical Archaeology - Greek Archaeology [syllabus]
Basic Classical Archaeology - Hellenistic Art and Archaeology [syllabus]
Basic Classical Archaeology - Roman Archaeology [syllabus]

The courses aim to provide a solid preparation for those who do not have a proper background of archeology studies in their previous career and, at the same time, contribute to the achievement of the CFU / ECTS necessary for access to the Master's degree.

Please, note that the three single courses do not provide all the necessary CFU/ECTS for access, but only part of them. Therefore, they can only be assigned to those students who already fulfill the entry requirements to a large extent.

Registration and costs

Once you have received the Commission's evaluation, you can subscribe to the individual courses indicated to you by selecting them from the following list, placing them in your cart, and proceeding with the purchase process.

It is possible to register for single courses at any time of the year.
The duration of enrollment in single courses is one year from the date of registration.

You will be able to take the exams after 45 days from the date of enrollment, in the same manner as the study courses' exams and with the same Commissions.

Basic Classical Archeology single courses cost € 50.00 each, plus a € 16.00 stamp duty.

For any other information, please write to

Total fee per year
50,00 €